Tuesday, July 14, 2009

World market vs Football market

I am sure many people have been following the recent transfer saga on Cristiano Ronaldo (CR9), Kaka and Benzema to Real Madrid and Tevez to city. Real spent a whooping 171.6 million pounds to acquire these three players. No doubt Real will be competing and looking to win all the three competitions (UEFA CL, La Liga and Spanish Cup), and will probably succeeed. But, 171.6 million pounds is just too much!!!!

A time where there is recession all over the world and when people are finding it hard to obtain credit from the banks, the question is, Where is Signor Perez getting all the money from? Has he learnt a lesson from his last spending spree in putting together the "Galacticos"? We will just have to wait and watch....

Here is an analysis done by LA Blaugrana ----> Where does Real Madrid Get So Much Money?

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u are a fan of Kaka? :)